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With more than 10 credits under her belt, 3 speaking roles, TV commercials and part of 39 productions, Kasia is steady with opportunities in the film industry. Recently cast in the upcoming film “Our Voices Cry”, Kasia shows no signs of slowing down and mastering her craft. Along with her solo performance in director Anthony Page short film “Mood” where she plays a young woman trapped in a mental delusional world with 10 different personalities. The role which earned her more than 9 best actress awards. Kasia stays active in her community as she dedicates most of her time serving breakfast to local Veterans monthly. Kasia has also earned the role of Grand Marshal of the Krewe of Omega parade, Queen of the Krewe of Soul and Miss Ponchatoula. Kasia is doing all things needed to meet her goals that she sets for herself. 

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